Neuroscience & Virtual Reality: Exploring the Brain´s Reality

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The intersection of virtual reality and actual reality is here. Our brains are able to experience something as if it is actually happening to us. Our bodies respond just the same.

We can mentally prepare for doing something by visualizing it and practicing it over and over again. If practice makes perfect, we are now able to practice anytime and anywhere mentally. Companies like STriVR Labs are bringing VR technology to sports franchises, like the NFL (see for full NFL Next Video), in a way that mentally transports players so they can immerse in realistic moments, which their brains think are real.

They are nearly real experiences because the body movements,
sights, sounds and touch are captured and brought to life through virtual reality. Teams are able to create customized experiences. It is based on real players, real practices, and real plays.

So… if VR can give players real immersive experiences, could we give our fans real experiences? Could we create new ways to increase our sponsor’s visibility? To increase their relevancy and ROI?

We have several powerful Neuroscience tools to ensure we are truly capturing the most optimized fan experiences. Eye tracking, facial coding, and EEG are great ways to understand how consumers are engaging.

We especially can focus on how consumers are perceiving advertising and content. If we capture human engagement better, could we create even better VR possibilities? Really focusing on what engages our mirror neuron best. What emotional territories take us to a place that makes our experiences truly memorable.
We are entering a new world…of intersecting human engagement with machine learning. We have the ability to simulate worlds we have never considered. Are you Ready?