Your Brain on Superbowl Ads

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Ever wonder how your brain responds to Super Bowl ads? Marketing Brainology invited consumers into our Neurolabs this week to measure the impact of various Super Bowl teasers & ads. We learned several key things using research tools; including EEG, eye-tracking, and interviews. Watch our quick video for some preliminary results. Be sure to follow up on Twitter @marketingbraino & …

ICX2018 Press Play: The Role of Audio in Store

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In this overly stimulated world, every year presents new challenges to attract shoppers’ attention, and drive their willingness to buy. Audio marketing is classic, and classics are more trendy than ever before. According to Statista, audio could grow from 28.4 billion dollars to 31 billion between 2010 and 2020. There are so many ways people are exposed to audio announcements: …

Impact of Music & Visuals: Creating the best Interactive Customer Experience

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Activating our Senses using Neuroscience: How music & digital engagement light up our brains Neuroscience tools allow us to capture and measure someone’s immediate reaction to digital signage, and other immersive experiences. We are able to collect information about their emotional engagement, including measuring the impact of activating the senses (things like sight, sound, scent). Prior research has shown associations …

NEXT Conference: Past, Present and Future of Behavioral Science

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How can market researchers leverage developing techniques to best understand consumers’ true underlying attitudes and motivations? A panel of experts explore the most promising new work with a look toward what’s coming next. This panel includes Terrae Schroeder from Kellogg’s, Alex Hunt from System 1 Research, Michelle Adams from Marketing Brainology, and Richard Silberstein from Neuro-Insight.

Spring New Life Into Your Marketing

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At Marketing Brainology’s Vault of Human Understanding we are always looking for new ways to highlight the decision-making process. With the weather warming up, we are venturing outside and discovering new possibilities. We are trying new products that are offered only during the Spring. These limited-times products trigger us to buy during this season. Marketing Brainology can help you drive …

Feeling The Valentine´s Day Love? See What We Learned Recently

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Do you anticipate Valentine’s Day every year? Are the candies, flowers, and dinner out part of your expectation. Or are you more content staying home? And why is that? Do you have memories of Valentine’s Day that have influenced your current perspective? We recently tested in Marketing Brainology’s Neurolabs numerous Valentine’s ads among couples and even kids to see how …

How can you be your own Olympian?

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As we watch this year’s Winter Olympics, we can all think like an Olympian. Like them, we can exhibit the determination & dedication to achieve a stretch goal. We can push for “triumph over tragedy” by overcoming those things that keep us from achieving our goals. And lastly, we can appreciate those who got us to where we are today…our …

Our Sensory NeuroScience Study will be presented at CRC 2017 on Oct 17th in Chicago

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Do you want to deliver more predictive insights? What about partnering with Brand and product teams who embrace agile market research methods? The Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) is perfect for you. Watch our latest video with more information… Marketing Brainology is proud to present again at this great conference, October 16th-18th in Chicago, IL. We are presenting with Roberta Perry, Vice-President of Business Development at Edwards Technologies. …

Join for #NoMeanGirls Conference in Dallas, Tx this Oct. 6th-8th, 2017

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As we approach our busy fall schedules, stop and think about what we are doing for ourselves. How are we managing to balance the many roles we play… as wives, girlfriends, mothers, employees, or business owners? What are we doing to nourish our souls…and to enhance how we engage with others? We have an opportunity to be inspired, united, engaged, …

Applying Neuromarketing to Advertising

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It is estimated companies will spend $220 billion on advertising by 2018. Today, consumers are continuosly inudated with information by so many different sources, including traditional advertising and social media. Consumers encounter 3,000 brand exposures every day, making it even more challenging for brands to stand out. Watch our newest video on Neuromarketing & Advertising (click link above) However, the effectiveness of advertising has declined over the past three decades. Approximately half of all …