How can Neuroscience better help companies connect to consumers?

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One of the most important insights to understand is what consumers & shoppers say is often very different from what they think and do. This is because we rationalize, after the fact, the reasons we do what we do. It isn’t that we are intentionally lying. Rather, we aren’t always capable of finding deep-rooted emotional reasons that really explain our …

Imagine the Future of Marketing: A Future Where We Better Understand Human Decision Making

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If we knew, could we create more effective marketing? We believe emotional advertising is the new standard. We recently attended the 5th Annual NeuroMarketing World Forum in Dubai. Just like the incredible growth in Dubai, we see similar growth in NeuroMarketing. We see an emphasis on the application of the learnings to business, and not just the science. We found …

Use NeuroMarketing to Transform your Business

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Looking for ways to transform your business? Neuromarketing is your answer. A big challenge in understanding human behavior is understanding the inconsistencies between what people say, with what people are thinking and what people actually do. It isn’t that people intentionally lie, it is that they aren’t aware of what is occurring in their nonconscious. Linkages in our brain are …

Creating Immersive Experiences Requires Great Insight & Integration

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Shoppers & consumers today expect engaging experiences with their favorite brands and retailers. These immersive experiences allow them to receive information personalized to them. Branded apps and push communication allow them to interact in a way they feel most comfortable with. Follow us on Twitter

Shopping malls should own digital space working with brands

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Digital ownership is becoming increasingly important, according to Roberta Perry, VP Fresh Juice Global. Right now brands own the digital space, but in the future, shopping malls should own it. More ownership and coordination with brands will be required to make this happen. Ultimately it will make it easier for shoppers. For more influencer interviews, please follow us on Twitter …

How Can You Build Brand Fanatics?

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Brand fanatics are eager to spread their love. We can all learn from great brands: 1) Make people feel special 2) Earn people’s trust over time 3) Include people in your story. Nurture your own brand fanatics by investing in others…the way great brands have invested in you. Visit to learn more. Follow us on Twitter @marketingbraino

Better Brain Understanding = Better Marketing

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Understanding the brain and irrational behavior requires new NeuroScience & Psychology measurement tools. Hear Michelle Adams, Founder of Marketing Brainology, kick-off the 2nd annual #iiex Non-conscious Measurement Impact Forum held in NYC in November 2015. She shares some key learnings from her 10-year career with PepsiCo; including running the SMART Learning Center. New brain learnings are helping us all understand …

What is neuromarketing? Roger Dooley helps to explain what it is and how companies today can apply

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NeuroMarketing can be applied to everything we do; including our own presentations and videos. Roger Dooley’s recent The Brainfluence Podcast highlighted Carla Clark, Ph.D., Your Brain on Animation. They discuss how animation can hijack our attention system; especially the combination of the human hand appearing in white board videos. Roger and I also tried our own experiment; take our own …

What Can We Learn From Great Super Bowl ads?

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Great brands build emotional bonds. Great Super Bowl ads connect us with the brand and can lead to a lifetime of loyalty. We can learn 3 things from great Super Bowl ads. Three simple lessons: 1) Be relatable; 2) Be inspiring; & 3) Be thankful. Return on this investment will help us better connect to others; and build emotional loyalty.