Creating Multi-Sensory Experiences To Activate Our Brains

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In today’s overstimulated world, companies are seeking ways to stand out in the clutter of everything else. Awakening our senses thru multi-sensory marketing is one way to resonate at levels marketers haven’t fully explored. We have the ability to enhance experiences and engage memories that trigger emotions and build lasting relationships.

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Our brains come alive when our senses are activated. One of the easiest ways to light up our brains is thru music and sound. When we experience music, we are processing sound, in addition to engaging regions of our brains associated with movement, attention, planning, and memory. Music on our brain transforms us; changing our brain chemistry, and how we feel at that moment. It connects us to memories and connects us to others.

Despite our differences, experiencing music unites us thru a common experience. Musicians share their emotional state thru vibration and rhythm, transferring their listeners. Though there are similarities in how our brains experience music; our unique personalities and histories ultimately shape how each song or sound impacts us.

When we combine music or sound with powerful visuals, we can create even more impactful experiences. We can take our audiences to places they have experienced before, or transform them to places they dream of going. By enhancing their imaginations, we can activate their brains, and change their moods. We can create spaces that provide the calm in their hectic day or add excitement to their boring night. Adding audio to our visuals ensures the mood we are creating is experienced the way it was designed, and not left to the imagination, or to the viewers own experiences or memories.

The combination of audio and visual, is even stronger with the addition of scent.Smell is the most powerful sense of all, because scent goes directly to the hypocampus and amygdala, regions of the brain associated with memory and emotions. We are more likely to remember something we smell than something we see, hear, or touch.

Companies who activate 3 or more senses are creating immersive experiences where customers are the most likely to come back. Our goal is to make more enjoyable experiences and to elevate the mood of our customers. Happy customers stay longer and buy more… It is that simple, activate our senses… and take us to a familiar place, or even a new place. Happy brains are worth the investment. Are you ready?

Learn how multi-sensory marketing can be applied to your business. We help companies create optimized marketing; along with better overall consumer or shopper experiences.

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Michelle Adams, Ph.D.

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