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Marketing Brainology focuses on the art & science of human decision making. We work across a variety of categories & with various companies to help them cultivate messaging & advertising, along with the customer experience.

This ensures that consumers & shoppers are connecting with the content that brands want them to see & collaborating with other companies optimizes their return on all aspects of their business investments.

The Marketing Brainology lab facilitates Neuromarketing techniques with advanced eye-tracking technology, where we can test a variety of advertising & marketing scenarios. What a shopper doesn’t see is also important when developing campaigns.

Marketing Brainology believes that it isn’t enough to stay in the lab – we want to understand how shopping patterns motivate advertising decisions and future in-store investments. Our team specializes in mobile eye tracking, neuroscience measurements, Ecommerce, & in-store shopping.

We regularly work with companies in the hospitality, restaurant, healthcare, & consumer package goods industries. Marketing Brainology wants to partner with you in taking your insights to the next level!