Happy Independence Day From Marketing Brainology

Michelle Adams MB Blog

Holidays are always a time of excitement and busyness! And the 4th of July is no different!

Marketing Brainology’s Vault of Human Understanding has been studying seasonal packaging, merchandising, eCommerce & advertising to learn what consumers & shoppers want this time of year.

Turns out they want quick, easy access to what they are looking for – and that translates to SIMPLE! Wouldn’t it be great to have everything you need in one place when you enter the store or go on a website?

This is the true meaning of “one stop shopping”. In our neurolabs, we have seen brains react more positively when webpages are organized and displays are simple.

Our brains are delighted when it is easy to gather seasonal supplies without racing around a store or shopping multiple websites. In today’s crazy world, we all crave EASY.

Holidays bring friends & families together – we experience true enjoyment when we are roasting hot dogs, cooking s’mores or watching fireworks together! Brands & retailers who understand ‘one-stop shopping’ will win.

Marketing Brainology wishes a wonderful holiday filled with great memories – Happy 4th of July!

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