How can Neuroscience better help companies connect to consumers?

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One of the most important insights to understand is what consumers & shoppers say is often very different from what they think and do. This is because we rationalize, after the fact, the reasons we do what we do. It isn’t that we are intentionally lying. Rather, we aren’t always capable of finding deep-rooted emotional reasons that really explain our behavior.

NeuroScience provides new tools we can apply in addition to more traditional marketing research and analytics. The intersection of Psychology, Behavioral Economics, and NeuroScience is used in NeuroMarketing. It allows us to look beyond what we have done in the past and to see how high is high in optimizing our marketing and sales strategy.

We want to use the right words, images, and promotions to connect with consumers & shoppers, especially in ways that resonate to both men and women. It is important to understand 90% of NeuroScience EEG studies find significant differences by gender. This means our strategies must appeal to each.

NeuroScience can also help identify the right triggers or nudges to remind consumers & shoppers about a product or retail experience. This can be really helpful for hedonic categories, such as products we feel guilty about buying. One effective way of reducing the buying guilt is to discount those products in a promotional bundle. Shoppers that might normally hesitate to make the purchase are now tempted to buy it. Understanding deep rooted insecurities, emotional connections, and buying triggers are key areas were NeuroScience plays an important role.

If you are curious about how to apply NeuroScience & NeuroMarketing to your business, we are ready to help you.

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