Impact of Music & Visuals: Creating the best Interactive Customer Experience

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Activating our Senses using Neuroscience: How music & digital engagement light up our brains Neuroscience tools allow us to capture and measure someone’s immediate reaction to digital signage, and other immersive experiences.

We are able to collect information about their emotional engagement, including measuring the impact of activating the senses (things like sight, sound, scent). Prior research has shown associations of things like music on consumer behavior, but we wanted to see how our brains responded to each sense.

Learn insights from Marketing Brainology’s latest Neuroscience study to see how our brains respond to the digital world. We will share best practices in creating true immersive experiences that engage consumers and grow emotional connection. Our panel highlights various parts of this unique study; and how companies can also incorporate key learnings.

Watch a portion of our session. Panelists Roberta Perry, VP, Edwards Technology International Michelle Adams, Ph.D., Founder/President Marketing Brainolog Tamara Deike, VP of Global Brand Developmen David Kepron, VP Marriott/Starwood