Marketing Brainology is Ready for May & More Neuroscience Research

Michelle Adams MB Blog

As we move into May, we are figuring out what the “new normal” is. During the stay-in-place time, we were able to test how people are managing through this crisis with their family and their community. And, we continue our testing to determine people’s thoughts and feelings as the country moves into the next stages of businesses opening their doors again.

At Marketing Brainology, we continue to assist our clients in understanding both the current behavior and the emotional territories of consumers. And as to taking care of you and your own brain health, let’s say goodbye to those April showers. You know May always brings spring flowers. Take a much-needed walk and celebrate when you can. Enjoy the small pleasures around you.

We are celebrating that we are open for business and studying brains, even those that are stressed out. Most importantly, we are celebrating that we are able to work with our clients like you and your teams!

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