Imagine the Future of Marketing: A Future Where We Better Understand Human Decision Making

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If we knew, could we create more effective marketing? We believe emotional advertising is the new standard.

We recently attended the 5th Annual NeuroMarketing World Forum in Dubai. Just like the incredible growth in Dubai, we see similar growth in NeuroMarketing. We see an emphasis on the application of the learnings to business, and not just the science.

We found three key insights:

New disciplines and perspectives are creating a broader application of NeuroMarketing. It remains at the intersection of psychology, behavioral economics, and NeuroScience. However, its relevancy with business and government continues to expand.
Matching the business problem with the best methodology is critical. The partnership of Neuro consultants with the latest research and science is improving business outcomes. There are opportunities to share lessons learned and expedite the learning curve for those beginning to apply NeuroMarketing.
“Do It Yourself” tools are increasingly more available and affordable, allowing businesses to measure emotion more accurately.
NeuroMarketing empowers us to better understand our deep rooted nonconscious responses, to be neurologically correct, and provide better marketing. Curious to learn more? Follow us on Twitter @Marketingbraino or @NMSBA. To learn how to apply NeuroMarketing to your business, contact us at

Michelle Adams, Ph.D., Founder of Marketing Brainology