P&G Olympics “Thank You Mom” Ad Wins Gold.

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The Olympics opening ceremony is one of my favorite events. The excitement of each athlete proudly representing their countries, holding their flag, wearing their team outfits…and making the ceremonial walk around the stadium is captivating. The singing, dancing, and special effects are breathtaking!

What it takes to earn a seat to the Olympics is beyond what any of us could ever imagine. The years and years of dedication to their sport. The early mornings, the sacrifices, and all the trials and tribulations are something very few of us have ever experienced.

Behind every athlete are coaches who pushed them to take their game to the next level. Most importantly are their parents who also sacrificed. They gave of their time, their money, and their own dreams to support their athlete. Each athlete’s mom most likely gave even more of herself emotionally. She got them to practices, picked up the emotional pieces when coaches pushed too hard, and got her athlete to show up the next time. She sacrificed herself.

Is it possible for us to relate to the Olympic stories? Are any of our own lives involving the same kind of emotional encouragement that we see with Olympic parents? I would say yes! We all have stories of triumph over tragedy, where we pushed ourselves or our own kids to get back up, to step up their game, to try harder, and to show up the next time.

That is what parents do every day. We push our kids to be the best human beings they can be. We want them to avoid our own personal disappointments and want them to succeed in ways we never could.

P&G’s ‘Olympic Thank You Mom‘ advertising campaign again scored a home run this year. They successfully showed the trials and tribulations of Olympic athletes. They recognized those most responsible for getting each athlete to the Olympics…their parents, especially moms.

Marketing Brainology recently included this ad in our recent NeuroScience study, which included EEG. In watching each respondent’s brain responses to this ad, the emotional connection of both men and women was crystal clear. This ad connected in ways most brands could only dream of. It was relatable, making people appreciate their own moms, and their own role many play as parents. It made several respondents tear up. For those more stoic respondents, we saw the emotional reaction in their brains. They were impacted by the ad. We realize they connected in ways uniquely triggered around their own experiences. Their own tragedies and their our own triumphs.

We all have them. We could relate, which made it emotional. So as we watch the Rio Olympics the next two weeks, we will watch winners and losers. Those who win the gold and those who suffer tragedies. We crave hearing each athlete’s stories, especially what got them to the Olympics. We love knowing that we all have the strength to recover when life is hard. Our parents, especially our moms, equipped us with the skills we need to get back up, to triumph.

Congratulations P&G for understanding each of us can relate to these Olympic athletes and to their parents who got them there.

Thank you mom for giving me the strength to recover and to try harder. This is a priceless learning that I use daily.

Michelle Adams, Ph.D.  Founder/President Marketing Brainology

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