P&G Olympics “Thank You Mom” Ad Wins Gold.

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The Olympics opening ceremony is one of my favorite events. The excitement of each athlete proudly representing their countries, holding their flag, wearing their team outfits…and making the ceremonial walk around the stadium is captivating. The singing, dancing, and special effects are breathtaking! What it takes to earn a seat to the Olympics is beyond what any of us could …

How Can You Build Brand Fanatics?

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Brand fanatics are eager to spread their love. We can all learn from great brands: 1) Make people feel special 2) Earn people‚Äôs trust over time 3) Include people in your story. Nurture your own brand fanatics by investing in others…the way great brands have invested in you. Visit www.marketingBrainology.com to learn more. Follow us on Twitter @marketingbraino