Neuroscience Applied to Our World Around Us

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We have moved to a new virtual world. In fact, this virtual and our real word are colliding, creating a new way of engaging and stretching our brain to operate differently. This intersection of technology is creating new immersive environments and taking our brain to new places. It is also going to force us to measure human engagement in new …

Do You Understand Consumer Mindset During this Time?

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At Marketing Brainology, we hear, and understand from our panelists, there is a need to be more organized as our kids go back to school. This time of year, we find ourselves running to the store for additional items. MB works with companies helping them understand consumers and the mindset during this season. Any product that can ease the mayhem …

Enhancing Marketing & eCommerce Communication

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Marketing Brainology focuses on the art & science of human decision making. We work across a variety of categories & with various companies to help them cultivate messaging & advertising, along with the customer experience. This ensures that consumers & shoppers are connecting with the content that brands want them to see & collaborating with other companies optimizes their return …

NEXT Conference: Past, Present and Future of Behavioral Science

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How can market researchers leverage developing techniques to best understand consumers’ true underlying attitudes and motivations? A panel of experts explore the most promising new work with a look toward what’s coming next. This panel includes Terrae Schroeder from Kellogg’s, Alex Hunt from System 1 Research, Michelle Adams from Marketing Brainology, and Richard Silberstein from Neuro-Insight.