What is neuromarketing? Roger Dooley helps to explain what it is and how companies today can apply

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NeuroMarketing can be applied to everything we do; including our own presentations and videos. Roger Dooley’s recent The Brainfluence Podcast highlighted Carla Clark, Ph.D., Your Brain on Animation. They discuss how animation can hijack our attention system; especially the combination of the human hand appearing in white board videos.

Roger and I also tried our own experiment; take our own interview and add animation to help emphasize key points thru-out the video. Check out a portion of this interview; & see how you can add animation to your own content. Existing animation is available thru many online resources, and can easily be incorporated.

NeuroMarketing helps us focus on how our brains respond to visual elements. Use of sensory elements (such as; sound, movement, color) will greatly enhance what we remember about what is presented. Visuals are one the most powerful ways to connect with our audiences, whether that is in a meeting or in social media.

Be Neurologically correct…our brains love it!

Roger Dooley is author of Brainfluence, and owner of Neuromarketing consulting practice (RogerDooley.com)

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