Her mission is to be relevant, engaging, and create transformation within people, organizations, and ultimately their brand.

She wants you to embrace the information so that you will to be the ‘Intel’ and change agent inside your organization. She inspires others through her stories, experiences, and compelling insights; supported by the latest NeuroScience research.

Her enthusiasm for learning and change is contagious. Let her take your organization on that learning journey.








Michelle Adams has a unique educational and professional career. She has an extensive business background, and is a Ph.D. who stays well connected to the most recent academic research & leading- thought leaders.

She worked for Frito-Lay & PepsiCo for 10 years; running the SMART Learning Center which conducted sophisticated research experiments that drove major initiatives thru-out PepsiCo.  As VP of Customer Strategy and Shopper Insights, she consulted senior leaders from PepsiCo’s top retailers.  As President of Marketing Brainology, she speaks and consults across the globe on NeuroScience, NeuroMarketing, and Influencing positive change within organizations.



Why is Michelle Effective?

We all know that Knowledge is power, and should be shared. If you embrace it, and then share it, it will positively influence change within your organization.

  • She takes complex information and makes it simple; in order for it to be understood and embraced
  • Provide nuggets of information you can incorporate immediately into your business
  • Her presentations are a true example of NeuroMarketing and NeuroScience principles applied in action, which leads to a greater absorption and learning of the science.
  • The best information leads to ideas that grow sales and ultimately provides a positive ROI