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We understand the consumers’ inner brain

Marketing Brainology is focused on helping companies better connect to consumers and shoppers by helping them to understand the art and science of the decision-making process.

We believe the most valuable thing you can learn from consumers is what they can’t tell you.

Traditional marketing research methods can only measure the brain processing that consumers are consciously aware of—what they can put into words. Combining nonconscious and conscious measurements to provide a deep understanding of the hearts and minds of consumers, our insights and experience empowers clients to make more informed and strategic business decisions.

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Take the guessing out of marketing

Stop wasting money on guessing what messages will attract your next big prospect.

Traditional research methods won’t help you find what triggers decisions in the human brain. You need a scientific approach to capture insights which predict why and when your customers will choose to buy your product or solution. We believe that you cannot create an effective message without first unveiling your customers’ needs and responsive triggers

As a leader in the neuromarketing space, Marketing Brainology’s Founder and President speaks at industry events all around the globe. Below is a selection of some of our recent speaking engagements.

Meet Our Team

Marketing Brainology is a consulting practice focused on translating consumer and shopper insights to corporate America; especially the latest findings from Virtual Shopping, Behavioral Science, & NeuroScience. Marketing Brainology focuses on Neuromarketing & human decision-making; helping unlock the mystery of human emotion & how it impacts brands & companies.

As a leader in the neuromarketing space, Marketing Brainology’s Founder and President speaks at industry events all around the globe. Below is a selection of some of our recent speaking engagements.

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Joe BerzokJoe BerzokPOP Displays
Michele is a great talent and resource. She adds value with her strategic thinking and has proprietary knowledge gained over time regarding shopper behavior and the ability to uncover real insights that drive her client's business. Her dedication is unparalleled as evidenced by the time and energy she has graciously devoted in moving the industry forward as a central figure/spokesperson and board member of POPAI.
Andy RichAndy RichHill-Rom Clinical Technology & Solutions
Michelle is considered a premiere thought leader in marketing insights and I have enjoyed many of her presentations. She has been the keynote or host of the largest of our industry events. Her message is always inspiring while the crowd is tuned in and nearly silent. She’s highly engaging, entertaining, and compelling. Michelle has a strong stage presence, asserts leadership and provokes captivating ideas. I have never seen her back off from either end of a tough question.less
Merrill DubrowMerrill DubrowM/A/R/C Research
Michelle is a one of a kind! She is a very talented, passionate researcher who is a great communicator. I have had the privilege of seeing Michelle present on numerous occasions at conferences and like the postman always delivers! She leaves the attendees always wanting more! Michelle is smart and always seems to have her hand on the pulse of the industry - way to go Michelle!
Richard WinterRichard WinterPremier Store Fixtures
Michelle has impressed me and others with not only her shopper insights knowledge, but also in how she is able to present that rich knowledge to large and small audiences. Her dynamic and energetic speaking style engages the audience with a positive enthusiasm. Whether she is delivering a standalone educational session, or serving as MC for a full day conference, attendees walk away with a strong understanding of the topics and energized to act upon the new insights. I highly recommend Michelle as speaker for the many topics related to her education, experience and background.
Chris HauckChris HauckLynx Research Consulting
I've been responsible for finding speakers for the UTA MSMR Alumni Marketing Research for the past 5 years and I have asked Michelle to speak at it every year. She's a fascinating speaker, she makes each one unique and interesting and she always makes me think about what it is that I am doing as a consultant. I see her once a year and am always happy to run into her. I'm always thanking her for her time and attention. She's great!
John AndersonJohn AndersonSign Resource
Michelle is a Shopper Marketing expert. She is very knowledgeable understanding consumer behaviors as well as helping to define better approaches to marketing products and services. She is excellent and works well with different teams and their goals! She is definitely a trustworthy hire.

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