Animation & Novelty: Two important Neuromarketing Tools

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In today’s overstimulated world, we are inundated with marketing messages. Our brains can’t possibly process all the information being presented to us. The challenge is how to stand out and create a message that truly stands out.

Novelty is a clever way to cause us to stop and listen. Our brains remember images better than words. One effective NeuroMarketing strategy is adding animation to hold the brain’s attention and help people remember a key message. Animation adds both images and movement which increase the likelihood our communication stands out in the crowd.

Watch our fun video example of how we apply simple animation

We work with our clients to add Neuromarketing principles to everything they do. Our fun video example is how we apply it to large and small businesses. Here is a recent example for a local insurance agency.

The key to getting video views is simple:

a.     Short (less than 1.5 minutes is ideal)

b.     Animated (use simple cartoon with movement)

c.     Relevant (seasonal messages work)

If you want to learn more we highly recommend two Podcasts by Roger Dooley.

1.   Episode #129: Dan Roam, author of Draw to Win: A Crash Course on How to Lead, Sell, and Innovate With Your Visual Mind. He discusses on his revolutionary persuasion tactic: harnessing the power of visual communication with simple, elegant drawings.



2.   Episode #96: Your Brain on Animation with Carla Clark, Ph.D. Carla focuses on to hijack your customer’s brain and how adding animation to a talking head video can captivate the brain.


Marketing Brainology applies the principles of NeuroMarketing to everything we do. We can help your business also. In today’s cluttered world of messaging, your ability to stand out is key.

Michelle Adams, Ph.D. President/Founder of Marketing Brainology

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