Applying Neuromarketing to Advertising

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It is estimated companies will spend $220 billion on advertising by 2018. Today, consumers are continuosly inudated with information by so many different sources, including traditional advertising and social media. Consumers encounter 3,000 brand exposures every day, making it even more challenging for brands to stand out.

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However, the effectiveness of advertising has declined over the past three decades. Approximately half of all advertisements are seen as ineffective. Ineffectiveness can be attributed to a lack of research, especially around the ad & marketing strategy.

One of the major issues researchers encounter is that what consumers say…doesn’t always reflect what consumers feel or what consumers are actually doing.

Over the past 10 years, larger brands have been utilizing new ways to apply neurological research methods to better understand the thought patterns of consumers with the potential of making marketing and advertising more effective.

Neuromarketing techniques incorpórate some of these methods of collecting information. They help enhance our marketing be more neurologically correct to our brains.

As technology enhances our understanding of human behavior, we can better connect to consumers in new ways.

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