Trolls Happiness is Contagious: Movement, Color, and Great Music Light Up Brains

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Remember the saying, “Monkey See, Monkey Do”? Ever heard about our “mirror neuron”? Our brain ‘mirrors‘ the behavior of others, as though it is happening to us. It is a way we personally learn new skills and language through imitation. Our culture evolves because we learn from others, even by watching. As part of our developing nature, our brains are also wired to react to threats to our own survival, causing us to be more sensitive to negative emotions than positive ones.

Research shows our own DNA might determine our general level of happiness. The good news is we aren’t predestined to a life of negativity. We can find happiness by watching things that can trigger positive emotions. We can surround ourselves with those who spread happiness.

Trolls is a perfect example of how Poppy (played by Anna Kendrick) uses her positively upbeat attitude to reign as queen. This epic adventure also includes Branch(played by Justin Timberlake), the practical and gloomy character who is always prepared. If opposites do attract…these characters are on two distinct poles. Both on a central mission of saving the other Trolls by working in unison.

If the colorful, overly optimistic Trolls doesn’t spark the happiness inside of us, the music will. The music will light up your brain and will make you groove. Trolls reveals its true colors through a host of celebrity actors and singers.

Though the movie is laser targeted to kids, Trolls lights up all ages; especially moms and dads. Marketing Brainology’s Neurolab testing of the Trolls movie trailer shows exactly how our brains respond to movement, color, and great music. The clever, upbeat Trolls movie captivates us all when we truly embrace our deepest emotions and experience the music. Even if you thought you could resist, the upbeat music will draw you in.

In a world of negativity, it is time to fall in love with something innately good. We can all embrace their imperfection, the music and humor of Trolls.

Our ability to bring happiness to others and emotionally connect to those around us is what ultimately makes us happy. Happiness is limitless and it is contagious. You can spread it to others and ensure you surround yourself with more Trolls who exude happiness and are willing to spread it. Positive emotions can spread through our social networks.

You have the ability to influence happiness of those around you. Help spread happiness this season by feeling gratitude and helping increase happiness to others.

Michelle Adams, Ph.D. – Founder/President of Marketing Brainology

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