Use NeuroMarketing to Transform your Business

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Looking for ways to transform your business? Neuromarketing is your answer.

A big challenge in understanding human behavior is understanding the inconsistencies between what people say, with what people are thinking and what people actually do.

It isn’t that people intentionally lie, it is that they aren’t aware of what is occurring in their nonconscious. Linkages in our brain are continuously being made between our past and present. The result is that we are not always consciously aware of why we react to various people, brands, or situations.

The business toolkit has expanded beyond asking people their opinion to now using a spectrum of tools like implicit response (word associations), facial coding, and the more sophisticated tools of EEG and fMRI.

One of the biggest things we discovered is 90% of everything tested thru NeuroScience significantly differs by men and women. This changes everything. It requires us to ensure our marketing messages are designed to appeal to the right audience.

Neuromarketing applies insights from methods and techniques of brain science to business. It allows us to be neurologically correct.

The application of NeuroScience is relatively new. In 2008, I had my first exposure to EEG testing on a SunChips ad. This was game changing for us because we could analyze millisecond by millisecond how consumers were experiencing the ad. It allowed us to be crystal clear which pieces worked and which did not.

The Neuromarketing Marketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) was created 4 years ago and includes a global membership of impressive scientists and business leaders. I have been honored to speak at these events and always leave smarter.

This year’s Neuromarketing World Forum is being held in Dubai from April 4-6th. Leading edge professionals in NeuroScience & Neuromarketing will be gathered to share the latest insights & applications to business.

Marketing Brainology is excited to speak at this event, and to be a media partner this year for NMSBA. We hope you follow us on social media.

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Michelle Adams, Ph.D., Founder of Marketing Brainology